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Our Story – chasing Sustainability

I’m sure you’re probably here reading this and thinking “I’m a pretty sustainable person, but how do I know what I am doing is actually have a positive impact on the world?”. You’re right! How do we determine this? That’s what David, Jarvis and myself also thought the moment before Lyra came into being.

We can all guess and hope we’re having a positive impact on the world, but we truly believe that if you can’t measure something then you can’t improve!

We measure our fitness levels down to the calorie, the electricity we use to the kilowatt and the purchases we make to the cent. But to measure the sustainability of our lives, we have to use carbon calculators or hope what we’re doing is having a positive impact. And lets be honest, those calculators can be pretty difficult and to use, only to receive an estimate of your carbon dioxide impact.

It was an Old El Paso moment one summer evening – why couldn’t we somehow connect all these things together to help us understand the whole picture of our impact in such a way that is almost totally automated and easy to for us to use?

And that’s how Lyra was born!

About Lyra

The app helps you realise your unique carbon footprint, but also allows you to connect you to your friends and family in order to compare your impact to each other and create some healthy competition toward a lower footprint.

Lyra will show how the changes you make translate into real reductions in your impact. The best is that once you have setup it up, it runs seamlessly in the background to continue to show you your impact and how you are progressing as you go about your day.

Not only does Lyra help quantify the true impact you are having on the environment, but also helps you to track the savings you make by the sustainable actions you take.

Social Impact

Lyra’s social impact aim is simple, it will help people to become more aware of their impact, help to reduce their emissions and save on costs by suggesting better electricity providers or a calculated cost of driving to work, for example.

Some of the Rewards

A sneak peak at the totes you can be rewarded with! You choose which one you’d like!

We need your help!

There are two things you can do to help us make Lyra a reality:

  1. Donate – we will be forever grateful to you (and you get some cool rewards!)
  2. Get social! – Spread the Lyra word to mum, dad, grandma, grandpa (online or offline), friends, colleagues and everyone in between.

Our Goals

We can’t wait to get stuck into building Lyra with code! However, we need to break the development of it down into bite size chunks to be able to build the best possible product to help you track your environmental impact possible and nail each aspect on the head until it’s perfect. So, we’ve decided to develop it in 3 phases! Two Phases of which are outlined below (with Phase 3 development will happen in the near future)!

Use Of Funds

Development of Phase 1 – Travel
This Goal will fund the development of Phase 1 of Lyra. We will be hiring a programer to help us build this out and have Lyra live and in your hands to allow you to start tracking your travel impact.

This stage of Lyra will intelligently and accurately know whether you are walking, riding, cycling driving or catching public transport. Get excited!

Development of part of Phase 2 – Energy usage

Our Stretch Goal will fund part of the development costs of Phase 2. Achieving this Goal will begin to capture a more holistic picture of your environmental impact. This Goal will cover the cost of developing Energy Usage tracking, specifically to help you track and manage your electricity consumption.

Lyra will help you connect your Smart Meter and other devices that measure your electricity usage to be able to tell you about your usage and impact in almost real-time.

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