How to Integrate Rezdy into a Wix Website

Recently. a client of ours needed help with integrating booking software into their site, specifically, Rezdy.

After some digging, it turns out Rezdy definitely is the ultimate drop-in solution for online bookings – in this case, tours.  Rezdy is a stand alone paid service allowing you to create products, ie “Walking Tour of Historic Buildings” and facilitate bookings of those services.  They have a pretty clean interface, with plenty of options that will be more than sufficient for most small businesses who handle bookings.

Wix is an out-of-the-box website builder.  You sign up and start dragging and dropping away – I’m personally not a fan, however I am a developer so I like to code stuff.  Wix is great for someone with a lot of time on their hands, and not a lot budget to get their site going.  If you are time poor, hire a web developer!  I digress…


You’re here because you’ve got a Wix site and you’re looking to integrate Rezdy into it.  For myself, I couldn’t find a single article on the topic, and calling Rezdy support was not much help either.


Rezdy Setup

ISnip20160504_3f you haven’t already, get a Rezdy trial account.






Swish Web Developers can handle Rezdy Integration


In the admin section, add test product under the Inventory tab on the left.  We just created a simple tour with a price and available dates.






To integrate a booking for this tour, further down in the menu is the ‘integrations’ section; within this, click ‘website’.








There will be a dropdown menu asking what type of integration you want, from a contact form to multiple product calendar display.  I happen to like the calendar display for booking a tour, so we’ve selected that here.  Once you select a product, this will bring up both the code snippet you’ll need to copy for your site, and a preview of how it will look.  I’ll leave you to customise the look and we’ll move onto WIX.




Wix Setup

Login to your WIX site.

You’ll need to add an app – search HTML Embed and choose the app that pops up.  This was a little confusing to me as this app does not specify JavaScript embedding, which is what we are doing here.  Fortunately, this app is up to the task.






Drop the app in and click its settings icon.  Within there, choose ‘code,’ and paste in the HTML code you copied out of Rezdy.  Your Rezdy app should appear shortly.  Make sure to resize and place the app, as well as resize it in the Wix mobile view.  Now get your full Rezdy account and people can start booking on your site!






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