Swish Web Developers get involved with new sustainability app – support our crowdfunding campaign!!

Our Story – chasing Sustainability I’m sure you’re probably here reading this and thinking “I’m a pretty sustainable person, but how do I know what I am doing is actually have a positive impact on the world?”. You’re right! How do we determine this? That’s what David, Jarvis and myself also thought the moment before […]

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & WordPress – too easy with new plugin

Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages is incredibly easy to activate with WordPress Always pushing to make the web more accessible, google has taken a big step towards faster mobile browsing. With heaps of the world still having slow or no mobile data, Google’s new AMP project allows pages – which may normally take several seconds to load on your […]

5 Best Web Development Learning Resources

Learning web development? The best way to start learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP is to study some theory and follow it up with lots of practise. Fortunately the web development world is naturally well stocked with online resources that offer this opportunity.  Most are filled with rich content, and many are free. To help narrow your search, here are the resources I’ve found […]