5 Best Web Development Learning Resources

Learning web development?

The best way to start learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP is to study some theory and follow it up with lots of practise.

Fortunately the web development world is naturally well stocked with online resources that offer this opportunity.  Most are filled with rich content, and many are free.

To help narrow your search, here are the resources I’ve found to be most helpful:

Team Treehouse

  • Treehouse offers a variety of 100% online courses and a very nice site layout.
  • Their Android App + Chromecast makes for a great experience of watching tutorials on the TV while following along and answering questions on your tablet.
  • The best online learning resource I’ve come across in any dicipline, and it gets better every month.
  • Treehouse has a free week trial, and continuing on will be well worth the expense.

Stack Overflow

  • This is the go-to resource for Q+A for… anything in the world really.
  • The web development resource is particularly fantastic; any question you ask Google will certainly bring up a SO link in the first results page.
  • The community is well moderated, and formatted such that answers can be picked as correct and can be upvoted, so generally the top answer will be the one you want.
  • Tip: asking the right questions to Google will save hours of trawling through SO answers.
  • All answers are free / ad funded.

CSS Tricks

  • I can’t speak highly enough of this resource.  So many general and specific front end development tropics are covered here, by the best experts in the development world.
  • It is a pseudo-Bible for the dev world; if you read it on CSS Tricks, it is likely best practise.  Plus, Chris will update posts when techniques are superseded.
  • Want to find out how to do any cool transition or transformation on your page?  This is the place.
  • Also a fantastic WordPress development resource, being built on WordPress itself.
  • All articles are free / ad funded.


  • An excellent online resource.  A teach-and-try method starting with the most basic coding principles will have you learning instantly.
  • Start with the basic HTML course and work your way up.  This is a perfect place to start and make sure coding is something you want to do.  It’s also great to refresh on any skill.
  • All tutorials are free / ad funded.

General Assembly

  • GA is for those who prefer the classroom style of learning.
  • They have taken the digital media education world by storm, proving a university degree really isn’t necessary to get your start in many of the fields.
  • It’s a little pricy, but if you’re looking to launch a new career, there’s no better place to learn exactly what you’ll need to know.
  • I studied the Front End Web Development part-time course in Melbourne in 2015 and got great benefit and connections out of it.


  • Allows you to code into an online text editor and try things out without any extra tools – pretty cool and very handy.
  • All ‘fiddles’ are stored and shareable.

These resources have all helped me greatly, and I hope they do the same for you.  Have a look around and then go build your first site!