3 Reasons to Set Up Your Online Store with Shopify now

When we first built eCommerce sites, WordPress development coupled with WooCommerce was the way to go.

WooCommerce has done a fantastic job of turning a blogging platform into a completely functional shop.  But there is the key – WordPress is a blogging platform, and clever developers like ourselves have spun it into a full blown CMS.

So why not jump into a native CMS, like Magento, for shop building?  The answer is the shop owner.  While Magento can be great for developers, and WooCommerce allows you to use WordPress, neither are as pleasant for the client.

Shopify’s login screen and shop functionality are class-leading.  It is an out of the box shop that is ready to go when you sign up.  There’s no moving of code and databases, leaving your site prone to errors.  Shopify host their own code – you pay for this – but it is a worthy investment akin to paying higher rent for a premium shopftont location for your physical store.   This ease of use, and straightforward shop setup, is the reason Shopify is on the tip of everyone’s tongues.  And here’s 3 reasons why now is the time to jump on board:

  1. Shopify has partnered with Facebook, yes FB, to bring the wildly popular Messenger App to eCommerce
    Swish Web Developers are Melbourne Shopify Experts
    Shopify partners with Facebook Messenger

    As Shopify developers, Swish are really excited about this opportunity. Read the article in the link, but the long and short of it is that shop owners often have no idea about their customers – the process is often as inhuman as possible. Through the Messenger app, store owners will have the opportunity to chat with customers to resolve issues and find out what they really want, using a technology we are all already comfortable with. Speak to us today about how we can integrate this into your existing store or your shop you’ve yet to start.

  2. The share market is fully aware of Shopify’s potential
    Shopify Headquarters - Swish Web Developers can help you launch your online store.
    Shopify Headquarters

    Shopify has grown at rates of 115%, 109%, and 89%, over the past 3 years to 2016.  Canada’s The Motley Fool remarks, ‘there’s no doubt that Shopify is still finding a huge market to sell into. The company estimates there are over 42 million small/medium merchants globally that could use its products.’  The future of business is in technology allowing entreprenuership to flourish, and nobody is making small business easier than Shopify.  With this in mind, having your online shop backed by them is a wise decision.

  3. They are investing in exciting new tech
    Swish Web Developers can help you grow your business with virtual employees in your online shop.
    Artificially Intelligent Online Shop Marketing

    It’s well known that technology is shaking things up fast. In order to survive, companies need to constantly innovate and find new tech, or risk getting lost behind new players. Shopify has acquired Kit, an app on its store that is squarely pushing into the virtual employee space. Kit is a chat bot that markets your store for you.


Thanks for reading, we hope this has been helpful for your online shop!  If you would like development or strategy help with your online store, call Melbourne-based Swish Web Developers today on 0499760987.  Jarvis and the team can help you integrate these great Shopify ideas into your eCommerce store, or help you plan to start your new shop.

Swish Web Developers are Melbourne website developers specialising in eCommerce and custom Shopify themes.  Swish are currently working on a Shopify theme to be purchased on the Shopify store.